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Selected products for marking of antenna

system in Telia Company Sites. 

Here you order Telia approved marking system products for labelling Telia 5G
stations and antennas. The marking products are delivered with desired identification and sorted according to your order template.  


For ordering, follow the instructions below. 

  1.  Download Fleximarks order template (Excel) and save it on the computer. 
  2.  Fill in the order template and save. 
  3.  Add products you want to order in the shopping cart.  
  4.  Complete the order. 
  5.  Then send an email to where you attach the order template.

In the order template, you can sort and have each package marked if you state this in the order template.  

Contact our customer service on telephone +46 (0)155 777 90 or use the webshop chat if you have questions or need more information. 

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